120 Litre Chemical Spill Kit (wheeled bin kit)



Chemical Spill Kit :: 120 Litre Bin

Chemical spill kit suitable for outdoor storage and supplied in an easy to manoeuvre wheeled bin.

Containing a mixture of popular products for cleaning up chemical spills up to 120 litres in volume, this kit is designed for sites operating static storage tanks.

See below for a full list of the spill kit contents.

Contents Capacity Size: Suitable for:
25x Elite 300 series pads 1.0L/pad 40 x 50cm Chemicals
50x Elite 200 series pads 0.5Lpad 40 x 50cm Chemicals
8x Elite 1.2m socks 4.0L/seal 7cm Ø x 1.2m L Chemicals
5x Excel cushions 3.0L/seal 23 x 38cm Chemicals
1x Leak Block Granules 1kg/tub Chemicals
8x Waste bags c/w tie 61cm x 110cm